The great last days of Barnaby

Super-sad spoiler alert: My dog died. It sucked.


Why Barnaby needs the blessing

Disclaimer: EVERYTHING IS FINE. You're about to read about one of Barnaby's less-intelligent moments, and it's important to know going in that he is just fine. He is his normal, happy, healthy self. That said, if stories about dogs encountering hurts upset you, then you should NOT read the following post. Really. It will just upset you, and for no good reason, because as I wrote before, BARNABY IS FINE.

Thunderstorm Cuddles

My dog is no chicken.  Um.  I mean, not simply because he's a dog, not a chicken.  I'm trying to say that he's bombproof when it comes to loud noises.   He doesn't react to thunder, fireworks, or cannon blasts. Raised alongside a series of increasingly neurotic rescue dogs at home who would promptly freak …