The great last days of Barnaby

Super-sad spoiler alert: My dog died. It sucked.


A post-election sermon

When any elected official says, “I am he! I am the one who can bring an end to war, prosper the nation, reverse the fortunes of the poor, and restore the world—”…

I will remember that there is only one person who is called the Prince of Peace, the reconciler of nations.


Oh, hello, blog land!  It’s only been, like…TWO AND A HALF MONTHS. You know what’s hard?  Ministry.  Ministry is hard.  And blogging about the things you’re learning about and through ministry is hard, because those learning things are connected to actual real people, and actual real people, understandably, can find it somewhat weird when their pastor blogs […]

Barnaby, Rocket-dog

Barnaby has been my dog, and I have been his human, for five and a half years now.  We know each other pretty well. For example, he knows exactly how many pitiful gazes he can employ when I’m eating without actually crossing the line into begging.  He knows that there shall be absolutely no whining […]