” ‘Grace’ is a complete sentence.”


A dear friend gave me this bracelet a few years ago: she slipped it into my pocket while standing beside me at a church event and then walked away before I figured out why the hell she was trying to pick my pocket.

I love this reminder my friends would make good cat burglers…and also the reminder that “grace” is a complete sentence. That’s basically the reason why I’m serving the Lutheran church. My tradition’s insistence that God’s grace matters more than the things you did or the way you feel about yourself is where I find my roots, and the only way the gospel sounds like good news to me.

Name: Victoria

Occupation: Full-time pastor in the ELCA, serving a congregation in Massachusetts. Part-time dog butt scratcher.

Height: 5’9″

Favorite fancy theological word: adiaphora

Preferred sermon-writing prop: Coffee…and funny cat videos

Dog’s name: Count von Zinzendorf. Call him Zin.

Food of choice if trapped on desert island:  Peanut butter

Stuff I write about: Lutheran-flavored liturgy, history, and music;  social issues and the church; my dogs, past and present.


6 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Victoria – Came across your blog as I was doing a little research on contemporary worship in the ELCA. Would love of you to meet John Kerns, Music Minister at Spirit Garage. He currently leads 3 Worship Bands: Beautiful Grey, 3 on the Tree, and Revealed. http://www.spiritgarage.org/index.cfm?pageName=Music

    3 Music Projects created: Free Parking, Faith, Love, and Rock & Roll, and a Christmas Concert DVD. The first 2 are CD’s which have the charts of all the songs embedded.

    Thanks for your work. Prayers for your studies.

    Blessings, Rob

  2. Hi,
    I enjoy your musings/sermons. I am a lifelong ELCA Lutheran woman from Wisconsin who is now living in Florida where the Lutheran Church is too conservative for me. I now belong to a lovely UCC church in New Smyrna Beach Florida where Dr. Diane Langworthy is the pastor…she is a human/spiritual marvel…however, I do miss the Lutheran perspective.

    Would you be able to add me to your e-mail recipients? I would appreciate it!

  3. Thank you for your blog. I came across it via the article on contemporary music resources. So many questions are bouncing in my head…thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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