Name: Victoria

Occupation: Div School student and hopeful pastor-to-be in the ELCA

Height: 5’10”

Favorite word learned at seminary so far: adiaphora

Preferred studying prop: Coffee…and funny cat videos

Dog’s name: Barnaby

Food of choice if trapped on desert island:  Peanut butter

Stuff I write about: Lutheran-flavored liturgy, history, and music;  social issues and the church; my dog and the impressive way he can eat entire sticks of butter in a single gulp.



Background image on this blog is a fabric design by Erica Vess.  See more of her beautiful work here.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Victoria – Came across your blog as I was doing a little research on contemporary worship in the ELCA. Would love of you to meet John Kerns, Music Minister at Spirit Garage. He currently leads 3 Worship Bands: Beautiful Grey, 3 on the Tree, and Revealed. http://www.spiritgarage.org/index.cfm?pageName=Music

    3 Music Projects created: Free Parking, Faith, Love, and Rock & Roll, and a Christmas Concert DVD. The first 2 are CD’s which have the charts of all the songs embedded.

    Thanks for your work. Prayers for your studies.

    Blessings, Rob

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