21 Steps to a Productive Afternoon

1) Commit to work on your thesis for the entire afternoon.

2) Get roped into a job for the admissions office.  Because their free candy has sustained you through many a morning when you didn’t eat breakfast, you say yes.

3) Get home an hour later and remember that you scheduled an extra meeting with your music director.

4) Finish the meeting, return to your apartment, go to your desk, and realize that it is not so much a desk as a pile of paper and books loosely held together with granola crumbs, half-eaten chocolate bars, and dirty coffee mugs.

Photo by Jeffrey Beall. Flickr Commons.

5) Clean your desk.  In so doing, you find bills to pay and papers to file.

6)  Pay the bills.  File the papers.  You are adulting so hard right now.

7) Sit down to work on your thesis.  Remember that you still haven’t done your reading for class tomorrow.

8)  Try to find book for class tomorrow.  Realize that it’s somewhere in the burrow of crumpled sheets and deflated pillows where you sleep.

9)  Make bed while dancing to Harry Belafonte’s “Shake, Shake, Shake Senora.”  So much adulting.

10) Read two pages of the book.

11) Remember that you were supposed to send an email by noon, which was three hours ago.

12)  Send the email.

13)  Read two paragraphs of the book.

14)  Realize that there are three other emails to send.

15)  Send those emails.

16)  Read two paragraphs of the book.

17)  Realize this would make a great blog post.

18)  Reflect on how you haven’t updated your blog in over a month.

19)  Admit that it’s because you were supposed to be writing and posting material for your thesis.

20)   Have a come-to-Jesus moment about all this procrastinating you’ve been doing.  Make it heartfelt.  Commit to do better.

21)  Feel exhausted from all the soul-searching.  Decide you need a nap.  Go sleep in your freshly-made bed with your newly-unburied half-eaten chocolate bar.


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