I’m Bound for the Promised Land

Guys.  It’s happening.  I’m going to the Holy Land.

As you’re reading this, I am probably either, 1) in the air, 2) changing planes, or 3) undergoing that scourge of travelers the world over: the long layover.  But at the end of it all, I’m going to be setting foot in the land where Jesus walked.

Cue the geek-out.

Here are some details for the insatiably curious: I’ll be traveling with a large group (about 45 people), all of them somehow connected to my seminary.  There will be pastors, students, professors, and spouses, and we’ll be coming from all over the country, meeting in Washington D.C. to catch our flight to Tel Aviv, and spending two weeks together visiting sites in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan.  You can see my full itinerary here. (Opens a PDF file.)

I’ll be updating this blog throughout the trip, hopefully daily, but definitely as often as I can.  There will be pictures.  I imagine there will be nerdy word-floods, containing helpful and vivid descriptions like: “Guys!  We saw Jerusalem!  It was like, RIGHT.  THERE.”   And there will be pictures.  There will also be some reflection on the multiethnic/multireligious dimension of life there, because the blog will also be part of fulfilling all academic righteousness I owe to the supervisor of the independent study linked to this trip.  And hey, did I mention the pictures? Here’s the view from the plane on the descent into Washington D.C.!

In addition to the itinerary above, I’ll be updating this map to help show where we’re going and what we’re doing.

You can expect the next update on Wednesday, the first day of actual touring and not just traveling.  Thanks to everyone who’s praying or thinking good thoughts or sending good juju or however you roll!



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