On the move…again.

This past month has been a flurry of moving around.  I moved out of my Gettysburg apartment on December 20th (thanks in large part to the help of some heroic friends who packed my car and, indeed, a lot of my apartment) and moved my stuff home.  I drove up to the Poconos and down to the Eastern Shore for holiday festivities.  I went back to Gettysburg for a three-day J-term course, passing through campus like a ship in the night, and through to the Eastern Shore again for Seminary Sunday at my mom’s parish (yay!).  I got back to the home base today and packed to move tomorrow…which is, FYI, getting old.

“I’m moving to college, with boxes packed full of candyfloss hopes and dreams! So exciting!”
“I’m moving for my first job post-graduation at the Ren Faire! I get to dress up and play pretend for a paycheck! Still excited!”
“I’m living out of a suitcase for four months for my first (and last) national tour. I am markedly less excited.”
“I am a battle-scarred packing warrior, going to live and works on organic farms in Europe.  I would be grumpy, but there is cheese and chocolate there.”
“I’m moving to seminary! I’ll be in one place, and will even have my own dishes! THE STABILITY OF FLATWARE IS MINE!”
“Now that I have flatware and other domestic accoutrement, moving out every summer feels like this.”
“I should be moving to New Haven tomorrow, but I’ve fallen under this enormous pile of boxes and don’t want to get up.”

BUT WAIT.  THERE’S MORE.  In a surprising and freaky twist of fate, I will NOT be moving into the room I rented.  At about 8:30pm THIS EVENING, my landlord called to let me know that the guy who needs to move out in order for me to move in…hasn’t.  And there’s no firm move out date.

So what will happen tomorrow is: I will drive to New Haven, go to my address, unpack my car into the storage area, live out of another tenant’s room until Sunday, when said tenant comes back from the West Coast, and then…I dunno what happens then.

The upshot of all this is, I’ve learned that my landlord, though disorganized, is really nice.  He’s really doing what he can to get me into the proper room.  Also, the other tenants who share this three bedroom apartment must be pretty OK, especially since one is letting me and my big hairy dog live in his room for a few days.

So hopefully I get to look back on this post in four months and think, “My, what a wonderful adventure kicked off an equally wonderful four month sojourn at Yale!”  But just in case you don’t hear from me soon…don’t worry.  I have Barnaby to keep me warm.  But do send the search party, ok?




2 Replies to “On the move…again.”

  1. As long as Barnaby is happy, that’s the key, right? I think you may have it backwards, is Barnaby keeping you warm, or are you there to keep him happy? If we ask Barnaby there may be a different answer.

    Congratulations on your getting there, even if you haven’t moved into the exact room yet. All your friends at LTSG miss you already, and are praying for a fantastic adventure filled with amazing stories that will one day become preaching material for you! This is just the first of many to come!

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